Another cracking dinner show at the Portsmouth Guildhall last night for Titchfield ABC.

After the scales we ended up with 9 quality bouts, that included 5 Titchfield lads 5 Royal Navy lads and boxers from Golden Ring, Team Wiseman, Stacey ABC, Poole ABC, Legacy ABC, Ventnor ABC, Basingstoke ABC and Lawrance ABC.

We had a bit of a mixed bag with the results last night, First up was Adam Leonard Lodge, losing on the night. Having not boxed for 3 years and coming back to the gym for this show 10 weeks ago, in his first 3×3’s against an evenly matched opponent he could of taken control and won the bout, but the ring rust held him back.

Second up was Dave Berry, winning his bout but had to dig deep at times and use his experience against a game lad that met him in the middle. Again Dave came back to the gym for this show 10 weeks ago and has not boxed for 3 years.

Third up was Kieran Hughes, winning his bout with a great display of boxing and taking hold of the Southern Counties Welterweight belt.

Fourth up was Mike Binstead, loosing BUT what a cracking porformance against a lad who is in the next level. Mike held his own and gave the opponent things to think about at times as well as boxing very smart with a good defence.

Last on our Mike Michael Brown, losing a very very close bout, all on the last round again. Mike boxed well at times but did not seem to have that hunger and snap in his work as we know he has, it could of been his night but he just did not turn up.

Would just like to say to all of you lads that keep on coming to the gym training like warriors, doing the sprints and conditioning in and out of the gym, without you boys we just would not have shows like this to put on.

Titchfield ABC would like to thank all that was involved with our show last night.