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Titchfield Boxing Club is well known for producing Boxers of a high Standard. This however does not come without hard work from both the boxer and the coaches from the Club.

In order to continue producing a good standard of boxers, boxing Sessions and fitness sessions are kept separate. The only difference between the sessions is at the boxing training sessions you are training to compete for the club, this requires self discipline both in and out of the gym in order to maintain a level of fitness and weight to compete for the club throughout the season.

James Norris Boxfit was established in September 2008, for those who enjoy the sport but don’t wish to compete or for those who compete and would like additional fitness training.

Boxing training gives maximum results for fitness, weight loss and promoting lean muscle growth. The sessions work every muscle in your body, improving co-ordination, agility, recovery time, strength, speed and stamina. Unlike many other sports boxing training provides both aerobic and anaerobic fitness in one.

J.N. BOXFIT is suitable for teenagers and adults of all ages both male and female (there are some younger members in the class). For those who wish to improve general fitness and well-being, lose weight, tone up, increase muscle mass, improve fitness for other competitive sports. So whether you’re looking for a new hobby, wanting to get fit or perhaps you want to learn to box then J.N. BOXFIT is the place for you.

If you have any specific questions about the class, please contact:

James Norris (Coach)

Tel 07771330749
Email Jnboxfit@live.co.uk
Facebook – www.facebook.com/JamesNorrisboxfit

Session Times

Tuesday Evenings

Early Session
18:10 – 19:25

Late Session
19:30 – 20:45

Single Session Fees

£6 per session

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Session Booking

Why do I need to book?

The health and safety of those attending our classes is of the upmost importance to us at JN Boxfit.

In order to keep our classes both comfortable and safe, we control our sessions by way of a booking system. This helps to ensure a maximum of 40 places are taken per session.

Unfortunately, if you’ve not booked beforehand, you may be turned away.

Contact Us

Titchfield Amateur Boxing Club
The Recreation Ground
Mill Lane
Titchfield, Fareham.
Hampshire. PO15 5RF

Tim Henderson (Coach) - 07428135082
James Norris (Coach) - 07771330749

*For all J.N.Boxfit online store enquiries please contact James Norris on the number above.

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